Why a High Voltage Hot Rod?

I have been asked recently what makes our company different and why should someone buy a High Voltage Hot Rod instead of one of the new cars coming out on the market by the larger car companies.  The real difference and answer to this question  is our philosophy about cars.  To us cars are something to always be worked on, improved, tinkered with … hot rodded.  Our electric cars are being made on classic chassis that are platforms to be continually improved on over time with the true spirit of a hot rod.  Unlike the big commercial car companies, we want our clients to be able to tinker, customize, and improve their cars.

All of the guys here at HVHR love working on cars and improving them with either customization or new drive trains.  We love technology but revere and worship classic car designs.  Our clients are people who want a unique car that is built to a very high degree of quality.  They want a car that they plan on keeping as a treasure for a long time.

With the idea of keeping a car for a long time, we use the best components available to assemble a platform that will last.  Though our cars roll out of our shop as top of the line cars, we fully expect our clients to add to or upgrade them in the years to come.   This is really important for an electric car.  This technology is advancing quickly and changing every year.  We don’t want our cars discarded like old cell phones in the years to come.  We want them upgraded and improved.

Our cars will come with a complete service manual and wiring diagrams so that our clients can work on them themselves if they are so inclined or easily take them to another shop to be worked on or upgraded.  Our television series will further provide others with information on building their own electric hot rods.  This is in complete contrast to the philosophy of the major car makers who really don’t want anyone else working on them and definitely don’t want the owner touching them.

I then get asked why we would do this.  Won’t we loose business by giving our clients the ability to work on their own cars or take them to other shops?  I don’t think so.  Our company is about quality and serving our clients.   For those clients that just want quality and don’t want to work on their own cars, we will be right there for them to help them service or improve their cars. For those that do want to tinker, we will provide them parts and advise.  We want to be like partners with our clients and help them enjoy their cars.  From the moment they put down a deposit and we start on their car, they become part of the process and members of our family so that the car they buy takes on some of their personality.

It all comes down to this.  We want our clients High Voltage Hot Rod to be one of their treasured possessions that they really enjoy owning and driving for many years to come.

Andrew McClary
High Voltage Hot Rods, Inc.

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Andrew is a designer and inventor with experience in many fields. He is also the CEO and Co-host of Car Show Television which airs across the country and on Roku and Amazon FireTV.

2 Responses to "Why a High Voltage Hot Rod?"

  1. Al Bunzel says:

    For those thinking of buying an electric car from a big established car maker, all I can say is that whenever I walk into a dealer, they either don’t know what I am talking about (ie. they don’t know that Electric Cars exist from the car maker they are representing even if it appears on the car maker’s website) or it is going to come in 12 months time or 3 years time before it comes in. Stuff that.
    In my opinion, you are wasting your time waiting for many of the big established car makers to come up with a suitable electric car. I know from experience.

    • admin says:

      That is slowly changing, but one of the big things about buying from a major car company is that they won’t want you to play under the hood or do any upgrading. With our custom electric cars we can give you the performance and range you are looking for and we will even teach you about your cars systems in the process. Our designs are made to be upgradable. If a new battery system comes out in the future, you will have the power to upgrade it.

      Our custom cars are usually ready for you to drive in 60-120 days depending on the configuration.*