Custom Tail Light Louvers

Made from rugged ABS plastic, High Voltage Hot Rods custom tail light louvers for Corvettes and Camaros give your car a unique look.

Billet Aluminum Part Design

Manufacturer of custom parts to enchance  your ride and make it yours.

We can CNC cut parts from 6061T billet aluminum.

Custom Billet Aluminum Sill Plates

Dress up your C4 and C5 Corvette with custom CNC milled aluminum sill plates.  Plates are shipped with a brushed finish but may be polished to a high brilliance or painted to the color of your car.  On C4 Corvettes these protect the carpet on entry and egress from the car.

Coming soon – custom sill plates for late model Chevelles.

Specialized Motor Mounts

We specialize in the design of custom aluminum parts including custom motor mounts.

Custom CNC Machining

Looking for a custom one off emblem for your car? Make your custom car stand out with a custom CNC milled billet aluminum emblem for your car.


Andrew McClary speaks at TEDx

Andrew McClary spoke at TEDx Jupiter on his work with High Voltage Hot Rods, the building of the EVGT-40, and whats in the future for electric cars. If you would be interested in having Andrew speak at your event. Click Here....
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High Voltage Hot Rods Goes to Camp

…That is Shopbot Camp! Last weekend we got to go to camp, that is Shopbot camp.  Shopbot, the company that makes the CNC equipment that we use here in our shop does a great job putting on what they call Shopbot Camps each year.  These camps are usually held in the shop of one of...
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