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As I stated in a prior blog, a couple of weeks ago I was asked by Jack Rickard of EVtv to come out to Cape Girardeau and film the EVCcon event that EVtv hosts. He and his team were just going to be too busy with the show and so he hired us to video the event and come up with a good video that captures the “EV Grin” of the convention. Jack has a great technical internet broadcast that he does weekly on electric cars on his site His show is not for the casual electric car fan, but for the people who want good technical information and want to be able to understand all the technical aspects of converting a car and sit through the often long explanations and experimentation. Where our show looks to educate the public about EV’s (drivers), Jack’s show is about educating the mechanics and engineers. He makes no bones about it. If you are not hard core about building electric cars, his show is not for you.

EVCcon or EV Conversion Convention is a gathering of like minded individuals who are on the cutting edge of this technology very much like High Voltage Hot Rods. No folks, we are not the only ones out there. If that is what you thought after stumbling on our site and blog thankfully its not so. In fact our show will be highlighting a lot of these shops and the work they are doing as well. This is really important to know because as much as I would like for our babies to always come back to our nest when they are wounded, they will in fact be going out into the big world and may end up needing attention somewhere else. The good news is that the industry to support these kind of cars is growing and growing rapidly. In fact you are much more likely to find a shop that can work on one of our cars than you can to work on a Tesla.

So if you would like to get a taste of where electric cars are going, sit back and enjoy this video montage of the event. The video was put together more for the guys who attended than the public, but I think you will enjoy the video.

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