High Voltage Hot Rods Goes to Camp

…That is Shopbot Camp!

The EVGT-40 at Camp Shopbot

Last weekend we got to go to camp, that is Shopbot campShopbot, the company that makes the CNC equipment that we use here in our shop does a great job putting on what they call Shopbot Camps each year.  These camps are usually held in the shop of one of their users and they invite anyone who owns a Shopbot to come for two days of seminars, sharing, and CNC talk.  Its a great way to get new ideas, share problems, and find answers.  High Voltage Hot Rods, Andrew McClary was invited to the Florida Shopbot Camp to come and talk about CNC milling with the Shopbot and the use of the tool in creating parts for the Electrovair III.

Max from Showker Enterprises show his Aluminum Long Boards

The camp was hosted by Dave Rosenbleeth at his shop Professional Millwork in Fort Lauderdale.  Shopbot owners from all over the state came to share and learn new techniques. Aslo in attendance was Bill Palumbo, the CNC Wizard,  and Gary Campbell from Shopbot.

Though the majority of the Shopbot owners are using their machines to cut wood and plastic, there is a growing group that is working in aluminum and other soft metals.  One owners was making some really cool aluminum and carbon fiber long board skateboards.  One the of the nice things about the Shopbot is the versatility of the tool for cutting many different materials.  Being versatile was the reason that High Voltage Hot Rods chose to get one for our shop.  Besides cutting the adapter plates for the motors, we plan on also designing and cutting custom dash plates, molds for custom dash boards, polished aluminum car name plates, and many other elements. It was really great to see what kind of things other people were making and envision how we could adapt some of the techniques to our car parts business.

Debbie Jones of Mighty Mini’s shows her miniature toys for horse lovers cut with a Shopbot

It was a two day event so the first day we drove the EV GT-40 to the camp.  The car created quite a stir and Andrew was bombarded by questions.  Since this was a crowd of people who build things for a living, they all had an appreciation for the work that had been done.

On day two, Andrew borrowed the Electrovair III from Larry Mills to take to the show.  The Electrovair III owed its clean looking drive train and mounts to the ability of our CNC machine to make the parts.  Both the adapter plate and motor mounts were machined out of 6061T aluminum.  Once bolted in place they provided a perfect clean look to the new electric/Powerglide drive train.

Andrew discussing the use of the Shopbot in the project

I have to say that the drive home from the camp in Larry’s Electrovair III was a real joy.  Though I had driven it before in tests, this was my first time to really take it out on the highway with the top down and the wind in my hair and enjoy the ride.

The Electrovair III Corvair motor mount

If you have a project that needs CNC machining, give us a call.  High Voltage Hot Rods is open to doing custom CNC machining in aluminum, plastics, foam, composites, and wood.  We can create one off prototypes or short production runs.  We also offer 3D plastic printing.  Give us a call for a quote.

If you are interested in obtaining a Shopbot for your shop, contact Shopbot at  Be sure to tell them you saw it on High Voltage Hot Rods.

The Electrovair III – Electric Corvair


The Shopbot cut motor mount and adapter plate in place

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