High Voltage Hot Rods at Packey’s Pub for the Monthly Car Show

The All Electric EVGT-40

Despite some bad weather early in the evening, the rain cleared up enough for a number of classic cars to show up at Packey’s Pub for the monthly gathering.  Food and drinks were being served outside and fun was had by all.   High Voltage Hot Rod’s Andrew McClary got to introduce the local crowd to an all electric car and discuss the advantage of electric not only for the enviroment but also for speed and performance.  Many of the drag racers at the show had seen some of NEDRA’s (National Electric Drag Racing Association) Youtube videos as some of their members really tore up the tracks shaming a lot of the gas engine cars.  They were very interested to learn more and glad to see us setting up in the area. HVHR hopes we will be seeing some of them soon to help them with an electric drag car.

In the end of the evening, the EVGT-40 took home a really nice bottle of Tequila as a prize for being one of the top two favorite cars at the show.

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Andrew is a designer and inventor with experience in many fields. He is also the CEO and Co-host of Car Show Television which airs across the country and on Roku and Amazon FireTV.

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