High Voltage Corvair

High Voltage Hot Rods starts with a 1965-1966 Corvair and removes the gas engine and gas tank.  The car is then cleaned and modified for electric power.  This light weight little car has a following all over the world.  It is ideal as an electric car.  With a 65 hp electric AC motor the car performs very much like the original because the full 65 hp is available from turn 1 of the motor unlike the gas engine which had to get up to speed before gaining any torque.  The car can also be fitted with much larger motors to turn it into a real speed demon.  There is adequate room for the battery packs and still have trunk capacity.

1966 Corvair Monza Convertable

  • two speed automatic transmission
  • AC 65 hp electric motor
  • regenerative braking
  • 700 amp controller
  • 70-100 miles per charge


  • DC motor 9″ or 11″
  • 1000 amp controller (no regenerative braking)
  • 2000 amp controller (no regenerative braking)
  • traction battery pack for up to 120 miles per charge

We can find a suitable car for conversion or you can bring in your Corvair and we can convert it for you.

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