High Voltage Corvair

High Voltage Hot Rods started with a 1965-1966 Corvair and removed the gas engine and gas tank.  The car was then cleaned and modified for electric power.  This light weight little car has a following all over the world.  It is ideal as an electric car.  With a 65 hp electric AC motor the car performs very much like the original because the full 65 hp is available from turn 1 of the motor unlike the gas engine which had to get up to speed before gaining any torque.

1966 Corvair Monza Convertable

  • two speed automatic transmission
  • AC 65 hp electric motor
  • regenerative braking
  • 700 amp controller
  • 70-100 miles per charge

I will not lie.  Making a good electric car is still very expensive.  Please do not contact me for help till you are ready to make the commitment.  I will bend over backward to help you but I get A LOT of tire kickers wasting my timePlease do not tire kick.