Alex Berry – VP of Marketing Interviews Russ G

High Voltage Hot Rods goes to  the Fort Lauderdale Science and Discovery Museum for the Stars and Stripes Classic Car Show. Part of our mission is taking this technology right to the heart of the car scene and introducing it to the hard core hot rodders.  VP of Marketing Alex Berry interviews Classic Car Show promoter Russ Gagliano about electric cars showing up in his shows.  Russ has had his own restoration and hot rod shop for many years as well as promoting large classic car shows all over Florida.  What does he think of the new technology?

Aalex will be doing a number of these interviews at car shows getting peoples opinions on electric cars. Lets see if we can make an impact on how they feel.

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Andrew is a designer and inventor with experience in many fields. He is also the CEO and Co-host of Car Show Television which airs across the country and on Roku and Amazon FireTV.

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