High Voltage Hot Rods, Inc. was founded by Andrew McClary, the builder of the EVGT-40, an all electric GT-40 inspired replica.  Over the past 4 years he has been working on perfecting his car and working closely within the electric car community.   Unlike many in the EV community, Andrew was part of a growing trend of adopters who saw the real potential for the technology for building cool fast cars.  He was not interested in many of the cars being offered.  Inspired by the Tesla Roadster, Andrew’s dream was to put together an electric car using off the shelf components that a user could service.

An avid designer and creator, Andrew is also the co-host of Car Show Television which airs weekly on The Auto Channel WHD9 as well as on their own OTT network channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  See more info on Car Show Television on their website CarShowTV.com.

As part of doing electric conversions, the company developed skills in machining custom CNC cut billet aluminum parts.  This skill and parts business became the major focus of the company, dropping the conversion business and instead focusing on parts for custom and hot rod cars.